Hard to Love

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From that very first moment when he reached for my hand across the crowded club, I knew that I didn’t stand a chance against him.

He was everything I tried to avoid, but I quickly learned that fighting my attraction to Chase Newman was an impossible task. He was a man who gets what he wants and for some reason, his sights were set on me.

Falling in love with him was easy, but our love was messy and complicated.

All it took was one lie to change everything. And One person to turn my world upside down.

Now that his secrets have been exposed, I’m left to decide if what we have is worth fighting for? Or were we just fooling ourselves all along?

What readers say…

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ In the blink of an eye you’re turning page after page as if you couldn’t get enough of the story

– Extreme Damage Book Reviews

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